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Periodic Table of Cartoons

CONGRATS on solving it everyone! Thank you for stopping by!


Can you name all the cartoon characters? (Or at least a few?)


Enjoy the periodic table all over again - this time with cartoons!

(Another "less washed out" version of my popular chart.)


With a love of animation, I created this. Main characters from cartoons are organized into the periodic table of elements. The first letter of their name is represented by the first letter of the element. The following letter(s) will be somewhere in their name in the same order. Some of these cartoons are a little old, so don't be surprised if you can't name them right away. Knowing the element will help you solve the cartoon character's name.


For example: Courage = Cu (#29).


Exceptions are 113 - 116 and 118. Those are backwards.

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Taken on August 25, 2008