1917 Eaton's Spring/Summer Catalog
Scan of the 1917 Eaton's Spring/Summer Department Store Catalog (Canada).

The complete catalog runs 427 pages.

Founded in 1869 by Irish immigrant Timothy Eaton, T. Eaton Co. Limited (Eaton's) was once Canada's largest department store retailer!...It's both a legend and an institution in Canada...It was later acquired by Sears.

According to the Wikipedia: "... To many (Canadians), the catalogue became known as the Homesteader's Bible or the Wishing Book. It was often said that only two books mattered in a typical Canadian home: the family Bible and the Eaton's catalogue. At a time when Canada’s population was predominantly rural, often living in isolated settlements, the Eaton’s catalogue provided a selection of goods that was otherwise unavailable to many Canadians. Moreover, it served an important economic role, as it broke local monopolies and allowed all Canadians access to the prices and selection enjoyed in some of the larger cities. The catalogue offered everything from clothing to farming implements. Some Canadians even purchased their homes from the catalogue, with Eaton’s delivering to them all the materials necessary to build a small, prefabricated house. Today, a large number of “Eaton’s catalogue homes” still exist throughout the country, primarily in the West."

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