Wartime - 453rd BG
Old Buckenham airfield was built during 1942-43 for the United States Army Air Forces Eighth Air Force. It was given the designation USAAF Air Station 144.

The airfield was opened in late 1943 and was used by the 453rd Bombardment Group (Heavy), arriving from March Field, California on 23 December 1943. The 453d was assigned to the 2nd Combat Bombardment Wing, and the group tail code was a Circle-J . James Stewart, of film fame, was Group Executive Officer from Mar. 44.

Group CO's
Col Joseph A. Miller: 29 Jun. 1943 - 18 Mar. 1944, MIA
Col Ramsey D. Potts Jr: 19 Mar. 1944 - 6 Jul. 1944
Col Lawrence M. Thomas 7 Jul. 1944 - 25 Jan. 1945
Lt Col Edward F. Hubbard 25 Jan. 1945 - May 1945

Its operational squadrons were:

732d Bombardment Squadron (E3)
733d Bombardment Squadron (F8)
734th Bombardment Squadron (E8)
735th Bombardment Squadron (H6)

733rd BS completed 82 consecutive missions without loss - a record.

The group flew Consolidated B-24 Liberators as part of the Eighth Air Force's strategic bombing campaign.

The 453d BG entered combat on 5 February 1944 .

The 453rd BG operated a total of (at least)174 B-24s during their stay at OB.

During their 259 missions the Group lost 58 B-24s MIA.
Sadly 366 Aircrew lost their lives.
Total Sorties: 6,655
Total Bomb Tonnage: 15,804 Tons
809 photos · 23,773 views
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