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It’s about 98% complete, still missing some 2x2 tiles and 8 stud Technic Bricks in Light Bley, and some other random bits. On top of the fact I think there is an issue with the way I set up the hip joint pistons means I took these pics VERY quickly(and softly!) and broke it down a bit until I hear back from the Designer just to be safe. So in the meantime, enjoy these pics while I go do my victory dance.
As before, original design and such go to Ranarock01

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  1. Ironsniper 82 months ago | reply

    It is really quite big.

  2. z the lego man 82 months ago | reply

    O.O dis......IS the love.

  3. justin pyne 82 months ago | reply

    Ironsniper TWSS

    But seriously, give this thing some color. :p

  4. OrangeKNight 82 months ago | reply

    justin pyne Secret Prototype super weapons come in 2 colors, black and grey ;p
    Ironsniper Once I figure out the hip issue and get the balls to do so I'll stand it up sully, at which point it'll be about 18" tall, and even as it is not its at least 14" tall.
    The Original with a Ruler


  5. captain craboo 82 months ago | reply

    lol...if it was black you could call it steatlh.

  6. Kazuya Takeyama 82 months ago | reply

    Not bad..not bad at all

  7. curtydc 82 months ago | reply

    looks pretty cool man, can't wait to see the finished product

  8. Titolian 79 months ago | reply


    This is beautiful.

  9. OrangeKNight 79 months ago | reply

    Just don't get too excited, after all it's not my design and I still have yet to finish it xD


  10. Chaos Unit 178 79 months ago | reply

    Oh my god I need one!!

  11. OrangeKNight 79 months ago | reply

    Zak Hale
    Believe me, its no walk in the park!

    There was much cussing during the ordering/building/final assembly.


  12. Chaos Unit 178 79 months ago | reply

    What's the posability of it like? And where can I get a set of instructions?

  13. OrangeKNight 79 months ago | reply

    Check the description. It's not even my design.


  14. Chaos Unit 178 79 months ago | reply

    Yes, the description links me to this picture. Are the instructions and part counts somewhere where I can see them?

  15. OrangeKNight 79 months ago | reply

    Huh, never realized the link was broken, Anyways just google search for 'LEGO Metal Gear Rex v 2 Instructions" and it's the first entry.


  16. кола☭ 79 months ago | reply

    Would you (or he) mind if I asked for the parts and instructions he gave you? :p

  17. OrangeKNight 79 months ago | reply

    It's all available here.

    Also, I just explained it to someone else right above you.


  18. кола☭ 79 months ago | reply

    KNight The files don't work on my computer.

  19. OrangeKNight 79 months ago | reply

    Nothing I can do about that, thought there shouldn't be any issues as they are just LDD and BrickStore files.


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