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    1. tony_soko ages ago | reply

      i'm sad and not sad...and i'm excited for you. this news is another excuse to say how inspiring your work and your thoughts on my work have been over the past months.

      take care and see you soon.

    2. -- jenny -- ages ago | reply

      come back soon!!!

    3. sk8rsherman [deleted] ages ago | reply

      what? where you going?

    4. deborah d. lattimore ages ago | reply

      what?? do i have to give you a taste of my pimp hand?? :) (do you remember that?) don't you dare go and leave your new BAPC responsibilities, you dog. lol

      whatever you are doing, i know you're going to be filled up with new life that will spill out into your photography. looking forward to being inspired by you again.

      take care, mi amigo (i'm learning spanish)

    5. Dalmatica ages ago | reply

      you definitely opened some third eyes :)

    6. dyobnoj ages ago | reply

      Ojo from the black lagoon, hate to see you go, where will the disciples of ojo ride now?

    7. Stephen R Mingle /Gonzo® ages ago | reply

      Good news!

      dude, what's you honest opinion about gamma?

    8. kandykorn ages ago | reply

      Ojo Classic!

    9. Zzzzt!Zzzzt! ages ago | reply

      Wha? what did I miss, now? you going somewhere Ojo? Jeez, man, there is no one like you here.... If you're onto better things, best wishes, but flickr won't be the same without Ojo-o-grams, so find time to stick one up now and then, where ever you go. As for all the past work (stands up), Bravo!

    10. ojoblanco ages ago | reply

      not going anywhere, thanks
      i thought about it, but not yet

      there's great things about online communities, but there has to be some sort of life existing outside the phosphors of our screens.

    11. Stephen R Mingle /Gonzo® ages ago | reply

      my screen is totally organic!
      I just have to keep feeding it manure. That's why I keep coming back to flickr!

      HA,he, oh brother.

    12. ojoblanco ages ago | reply

      manure is healthy, as long as you don't have to smell it!

    13. Zzzzt!Zzzzt! ages ago | reply

      ah, glad to hear it OJo, I guess everyone got spooked or something, lol! I hear ya about life outside the glowing screens... gotta strike a balance. It's a short and full life, after all... get all the good stuff. Feel no pressure, my friend, things go in cycles. Share when it works for you.

    14. Baywhale ages ago | reply

      Glad to hear you're not going anywhere!

    15. SeenyaRita ages ago | reply

      you're going? take me with you! :)

    16. tangent ages ago | reply

      Love this one. It reminds me of an old fotolog submission of yours with a similar silhouette with a speckly overlay.

    17. Églantine ages ago | reply


      I think I like this one the most because the black figure in the foreground is against a black far ground...

    18. Stephen R Mingle /Gonzo® ages ago | reply

      yes this is very nice!
      I am reminded of a war videographer running from some sort of chaotic incident, only to catch a glimpse of himself in a store front window!
      then and only then,
      the realization sets in,
      that he is not in a war zone!
      He is in the flatlands which turn to flood-plains were urban sprawl meets America!

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