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365: Day 327, TWLOHA (explore #20!) | by ohmann alianne
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365: Day 327, TWLOHA (explore #20!)

i saw some girls at school today writing "LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT" on their arms. apparently facebook declared it another TWLOHA day.


i used to cut myself. i know what it's like to feel depressed. not suicidal exactly, but just... you need an outlet.

i tried writing, i tried screaming, i tried running. none of it helped.

if you've never self mutilated you'll never know what i mean when i say cutting is a form of release.

you take your pain to the outside, so it doesn't hurt as much on the inside.


seeing those girls write Love on their arms made me angry. i highly doubt any of them had ever felt the way i had, several years ago.

to them, showing their "support" of the TWLOHA movement was just another fashion trend.

cutting isn't something you go around showing off to the world.

showing your support for causes is great, but. just. i hope everyone understands what To Write Love on Her Arms is about.


it's about girls like me.

guys, too.


i'm rambling but.

be yourself.

show yourself.

love yourself.

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Taken on November 13, 2008