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Q&A Pygmy Puffs | by anya.ohmai
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Q&A Pygmy Puffs

Available at H:YS & The Lemondrop Shoppe




Q: What are Pygmy Puffs?


A Pygmy Puff is simply the name for a miniature Puffskein which are a popular pet kept within households of witches and wizards. Most enjoy being cuddled and don't mind being tossed about, they seem to have very little bones on their body, allowing them to bounce off surfaces.

Puffskeins and Pygmy Puffs are scavengers, eating anything from leftovers to spiders, but it particularly likes to use its long thin tongue to eat wizards' bogeys while they sleep. These creatures are easy to tend for, they make squeaking noises and also emits a humming sound when contented.




Q: Why Should we Purchase your Pygmy Puffs as Opposed to Other Stores?


The Magical Menagerie sells Puffskeins, but not Pygmy Puffs which require careful breeding selection to ensure the size of the Puffs are tiny enough to appeal to the younger generation. The first known breeders of Pygmy Puffs are Fred and George Weasley; a pair of twins who own Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. They only bred pink and purple Pygmy Puffs to cater to the female audience.

Ohmai Emporium has continued the tradition of breeding Pygmy Puffs, but we take pride in conditioning the pelts of our Pygmy Puffs so the colors are brighter than any other Pygmy Puff available in the market.




Q: Can we Bring Pygmy Puffs into Hogwarts?


Yes! Pygmy Puffs are harmless (aside from occasionally eating your bogeys while you sleep) thus allowed within the halls of hogwarts as companions accompanied with your usual pets. However, please be known that cats and owls have a tendency to treat them as food and would attack them if you're not careful. So please make sure your eyes are on your Puffs whilst in school.



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Taken on August 21, 2011