this has been quite a year
Take a photo every day. Maybe a photograph, maybe just a snapshot. Not always a self-portrait. A record of every day. Because it's not always about the shot, it's about life.

If you want to understand a little more, read this. That explains it better than I ever could.

Note: I haven't been posting every day - in fact, if you note, there are some large chunks missing. I still shoot every day - often for myself and not for the flickr project - and haven't missed a day yet.

ETA: I did it. I took photos for a whole year. Well, 364 of the 365 days - I missed one day, about a week and a half before I would have been done. And not for any good reason, either. I just spaced out, from being tired and distracted and stressed. But by then I was fine with it. I took far more than 365 photos over the course of one year, and I'm so glad I did it.
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