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It's a hell of a world that is all in silence (Liberty Square Riverboat) | by hecpara
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It's a hell of a world that is all in silence (Liberty Square Riverboat)

I had posted another Riverboat shot a couple of posts ago that is the complete opposite of this. It was during the day, with the water and sky shining and the boat itself aglow with the light of a million lights. HDR helps haha.


This, on the other hand, is very dark. Not just exposure wise, but the tone of the shot through the subject and such is on the darker side of things. There were a few mentions over the weekend about how these "empty" shots of WDW are really not indicative of what makes WDW truly magic: people. And I don't disagree with that point of view, I can totally understand it.


But, on the other hand of things, I am someone that loves deconstructing things. I love a good "behind the scenes" featurette as a DVD/Bluray extra, and growing up my favorite book was a huge volume called HOW THINGS WORK. As such, to me I look at these shots as a deconstruction.


Sure, there is the "forbidden" element of feeling like you are seeing something you shouldn't be seeing, or of being at a part after hours. But the true nature of the fascination for me is that this is half of the magic, so to speak. The people in the parks make up the other half.


In this, we see part of what makes a scene magical. And something taken out of context, can have a magic of it's own. That is one thing I LOVE about the parks...that they are truly a work of art. Everything can be interpreted by anyone in a totally different manor and still enjoyed immensely.


This evening, with the crazy clouds and intense darkness paired with shining reflections....i felt like I was inside the scene of a Miyazaki movie. Or somewhere magical. But not Disney. And I love that. That inside Disney World, I am transported to a world outside the "real" world. But the true magic for me, is that even within THAT world I've escaped to, I can further escape into other realms of imagination. It's theme park inception, folks.


Sorry for the rambling, it's late!

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Taken on September 7, 2011