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And I have a few more for you... (Kilimanjaro Safaris, Animal Kingdom)

I told myself when I decided to keep this shot to be posted, that I wouldn't waste my time going on and on about how 90% of the "photographers" at WDW should have their cameras taken away from them.


I lied.


Haha...I'll keep it short and simple. As a photographer, I understand sometimes you have to momentarily inconvenience someone else to get a great shot. But if I am going to put myself in that position, I make sure that a) I apologize before/during/after to whoever i inconvenienced b) I am very mindful of the fact that I am being a little bit of a pain, and try to make it as quick as possible c) I am going to take a super AMAZING photo worth taking.


At a reunion show recently for one of my favorite bands, I was able to get right against the stage. I got some amazing photographs. Some guy behind me though, spent a good 25 minutes with his huge camera, flash, and diffuser practically in the face of the singer. I am NOT exagerating on either of those points! That was shitty of him enough as it is, but when I saw the photos later on...well, frankly they were TERRIBLE, amateur stuff. Not a single worthwhile photo, for having inconvenienced virtually EVERYONE (including the singer!) at that small club for almost half an hour.


Point is, I don't believe in 'the greater good" as an excuse for people being allowed to run rampant with their cameras. A camera is a tool, and should be used responsibly. The "I'm just recording memories for my family" excuse, is a load of bullshit. That's like some jerk cutting in front of everyone else in line at the parking lot, and going "well I'm just trying to get to the park first, FOR MY FAMILY"


And don't get me started on the idiots that shoot flash photography in dark rides or shows. They should be pulled aside after, and have their cameras confiscated. They could then get their cameras back, after taking a nicely designed Disney "What NOT to do with your camera" class.

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Taken on April 1, 2011