Hahamongna Walkabout
This Walkabout was organized by the Arroyo Seco Foundation to raise awareness of the issues facing Hahamongna Watershed Park. One is that the county was going to remove 1.4 million cubic yard of sediment--enough to fill one dumptruck every four minutes for 7 months --and be done for three years in a row! The other is to build a soccer field and parking lot--in a WATERSHED. This park is in the middle of the Arroyo Seco which feeds water from Mount Wilson to downtown L.A. and was a rich fertile ground for the native Americans. The county would have it partially developed for a soccer field that serves a pittance of the population while destroying native bird and wildlife habitat, without conducting an environmental impact survey. The public outcry has resulted in the county now instituting that report. For detailed information, visit arroyoseco.org.
Credits to Tim Brick, Michele Zack, Petrea Burchard, Tim Martinez, Barbara Ellis, and the other organizers of this event. I went back on Sunday with my big ole' lab and he had a ball. It's a very dog friendly park.
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