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When Night Was Day

I have never seen anything like it before.


On a cool Costa Rican night, an hour or so after a total eclipse of the moon, we set out on a dirt road in a taxi van which was easily the worst car in the world. The driver, struggling to reach the car pedals, maneuvered the van from side to side, swerving huge potholes which could easily swallow up the ragged vehicle. If his daughter hadn't been in the car with him, I was sure that this was a bad scene in a really bad horror flick.


We finally reached an observation post and watched as the great Volcán Arenal violently spit out glowing burning red rocks of lava. With some quick camera work and a tripod, I captured photo after photo including this 117 second production. No, it wasn't daytime, but the moon, the volcano, and the camera made it feel that way. / @ohadby

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Taken on February 20, 2008