Published! …no, wait: Ripped off?

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    Zusammenfassung auf deutsch:
    Zum zweifelhaften Umgang mit Copyright bei Tamedia/Newsnetz

    I was happy to see my Erwin Wurm picture in this article* (as well as here and here*) – but less so not to find any proper attribution alongside it, nor a paycheck in my mailbox.

    I am pissed, quite frankly, I am confident those in charge** will sort this out, and I have taken the appropriate steps.

    Updated in the comment section, and blogged by Bö.
    – Artikel zur Story: «Auch Flickr-Bilder sind nicht gratis» auf
    Update #3 (new!): They continue to ignore the copyrights of Flickr users… who's next?

    Petition: Join the group «Newsnetz: Please stop using Flickr pictures without asking»!

    * The image has been removed and replaced in the meantime. The screenshots of two other sites it was used on can be found here and here.
    ** Newsnetz is the online branch of the Tamedia conglomerate. Its associated publications Tagesanzeiger, Basler Zeitung, Der Bund and Berner Zeitung are among the leading newspapers in Switzerland, with a joint circulation of 0.5 million copies.

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    1. beegee74 ages ago | reply

      the "Achtung" at the end of this article is quite, hmmm, "interesting", considering their own practices as discussed above...

    2. Adrian Ulrich ages ago | reply

      Here is yet-another-shame-on-you-tagi article:

      whee :-)

    3. Dom Dada ages ago | reply

      UPDATE #5:
      So Tamedia finally acknowledges having misappropriated pictures from Flickr – but as I argue in yet another blog post, that is not enough:

      Urheberrechtsverstösse bei Tamedia: Verhaltene Reue bzgl. Flickr-Bildern

      In a nutshell:
      If you find out and complain about them having used your picture, they'll pay you their standard fee. That fee happens to be well below the generally approved rates for image use in Switzerland, and does not include any other compensations for having violated your copyright or the hassle of inforcing it.

      In my book, that's neither fair nor what we are asking for.

    4. Charles.J-R ages ago | reply

      Frechheit! FRECH-HEIT!

      Haben Sie dir jetzt nur ihren Standardpreis bezahlt?!

    5. Dom Dada ages ago | reply

      …nein, bislang gar nichts. Newsnetz hat mir (im Dezember) die 30 Franken angeboten, doch ich fand das, wie Du, unangemessen und habe diese Summe – mit Verweis auf die SAB-Richtlinien – ausgeschlagen. Seither gab es keinen weiteren Kontakt.

    6. ubiquity_zh ages ago | reply

      ... und der Bilderklau geht weiter, heute im Regionalbund des Tagis, 4 Bilder (über Zurichs in den USA) mit Quellenangabe "flickr"... einer davon hat mir bestätigt, nichts davon gewusst zu haben.

    7. Dom Dada ages ago | reply

      Hoppla, nun werden also Urheberrechtsverletzungen auch in der Print-Redaktion salonfähig? Bislang haben (meines Wissens) ja nur die «jungen Wilden» von Newsnetz delinquiert.

      (Danke für den Hinweis, ich schau zu, dass ich das Blatt heute noch in die Hände kriege.)

    8. Dom Dada ages ago | reply

      Indeed! The thievery at Tamedia goes print – the original, copyrighted images, ripped off from Flickr, can be found here, here, here and here:

      More in this blog post:
      Tagesanzeiger: Bilderklau nun auch gedruckt

    9. beegee74 ages ago | reply


      der Tagi ist ein echter Saftladen...

    10. Nancy Baym ages ago | reply

      I have sent them a stern letter:

      Dear Editors,

      It has come to my attention that in the April 15 edition of your paper you printed a photograph I took of Zurich, Kansas and posted on Flickr in 2007.

      The Creative Commons copyright license on my photograph states explicitly that the photograph is licensed only for non-commercial use and that any use must include attribution. No one contacted me to seek permission to use this photograph and there is no attribution to me as the photographer. I am easy to contact through Flickr. No attempt was made.

      I am deeply disappointed that a professional news organization such as Tages Anzeiger would flagrantly ignore copyright law.

      The right thing to do would be to print an apology, retroactive attribution, and provide appropriate compensation in keeping what what you pay your own staff photographers. Sadly, given the cavalier disregard for intellectual property rights you have displayed, I do not expect you to do this, but I sincerely hope that you will educate your staff to stop stealing the photographs of others for commercial gain. Your behavior is both illegal and unethical. Creative Commons copyright and public domain are not the same. If you wish to have your ownership of your own articles respected, you must respect the intellectual property rights of others.

      My photograph:

      The copyright license:

      Your newspaper:

      Professor Nancy Baym, Ph.D.

    11. Dom Dada ages ago | reply

      Wow! Well written and to the point. I wholeheartedly agree with every word of your letter.

    12. ubiquity_zh ages ago | reply

      Very good, I may have to "borrow" some of that if I ever get into a similar situation ;-)

    13. Nancy Baym ages ago | reply

      Content of the letter is hereby licensed for noncommercial work, no attribution required ;-)

    14. ubiquity_zh ages ago | reply

      Haha, thanks Nancy :-)

    15. ubiquity_zh ages ago | reply

      I guess Nancy's letter hasn't arrived in Zurich/Switzerland yet, the newspaper printed user Georges Aerts' photo again in last Saturday's edition, without proper attribution.

    16. Dom Dada ages ago | reply

      …they seem to have no shame.

    17. ubiquity_zh ages ago | reply

      Nun ja, letztlich sind auch "Leserschnappschüsse" nur ein Mittel, um billig (oder gratis?) an Bildmaterial zu kommen...

    18. beegee74 ages ago | reply

      garantiert gratis - aber wenigstens nicht unbekannterweise und ohne einverständnis... die ganzen "mobile reporters" der gratiszeitungen machen auch nichts anderes. die findens bestimmt toll, wenn sies auf die website oder gar ins blättchen schaffen. womit wir dann wohl bei der diskussion wären, ob gratis "arbeitende" amateure den profi-fotografen das wasser abgraben...

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