lanterns, chiang mai, thailand, 2007

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    this is the reason why i travelled thousands of miles to chiang mai for. the yi peng lantern festival is chiang mai's version of loy kratong. instead of letting off lighted flower boats into the river, residents in chiang mai release lana-styled lighted khom loi (paper lanterns) into the skies. yi peng literally means full moon and is celebrated on the 2nd full moon of the lana calender.

    thanks to derek, bern and al, i was able to witness a magnificent sight of one thousand of these lanterns released at once at the du dong kasa tan (pardon my thai). i believe the event was held at the phae gate along the ping river. witnessing the dark sky lit up by these orange glowing lanterns left me awe-struck.

    while the origins of this festival concours with my religious beliefs, i was fascinated by the beauty of the mass display of light ascending, of hope and dreams. the pratice of lantern letting is derived from brahim belief of floating away evil,or in worships of the god shiva who resides mid-ocean. the thais, on the other hand, derived the tradition from the buddha left his footprints on the banks of the full moon in twelfth month.

    will i visit again? defintely and soon, before throngs of badly behaved tourists turn this alluring event into a commercial amusement park.

    more photos to follow.

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    1. jesuslizrd 88 months ago | reply

      Good for the envirnment huh ?

      They do the same thing in Samui and tons of other places year round in Thailand, for all types of occasions.

      I have always wanted to get a shot like this , but never seem to. This is the best I have even seen, the sky is full. Excellent excellent excellent.

    2. momofuku ando 88 months ago | reply

      i don't remember bangkok having the flying lanterns.

      the lanterns are biodegradable so i think they are alright.

    3. jesuslizrd 88 months ago | reply

      I always wondered about that. They go a really long time too. I have often thought I was seeing a UFO or satellite. Yea I guess Bankok wouldn't have many , but I have seem them there. Mostly Koh Samui, Phuket,.

      Anyway, this is seriously the coolest shot of them, or at least the kind of shot I had envisioned but just couldn't manage. Hats off.

    4. travellerfreelance 61 months ago | reply

      Hi there, writing to you from the Traveller magazine in London. We love this shot and would like to use it in our May issue in a section on Thailand - if you are interested, please get in touch, Thanks! Yasmina Green

      Condé Nast Traveller Promotions
      Vogue House, Hanover Square, London W1S 1JU
      T: 020 7152 3694 F: 020 7491 3602

    5. travellerfreelance 61 months ago | reply

      Hi again - if you are happy with us using this image please let me know asap! we urgently need a high resolution version of the pic too....

      please email me!!!


    6. momofuku ando 61 months ago | reply

      emailed you. thanks

    7. kimlee17 55 months ago | reply


      i'm kim from Paris, France.

      Actually I'writting a book on Thaï Aromatic Massage...

      I need pictures of everything about the festival Loy Kraton...

      Can i use your pictures for my book ? Sure i have to put the copyright and add wour website link...

      Waiting for your answer...

      Thanks for advance for your help.

      KIM LY

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