John Roberts: Remembering The Sixties
© John Roberts - The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame writing: Originally an engineer on Caroline North but when the south ship ran aground he was sent to Zaandam to help with the refit. He also spent time on the mv Cheeta II when that ship was borrowed temporarily by Caroline South. John later worked for Radio London and Radio England/Britain Radio. He now lives in Australia. In 2007 he wrote to radio historian Svenn Martinsen: “I am retired at age 77 in Tolga on the Atherton Tablelands. For ten years I ran a small FM station with MOR format, transmitters in Mareeba and Atherton. With the low power and the strict laws here it meant not much in the way of money so as age progressed I had to offload somehow. I sold to Vision FM a USA based religious broadcaster.”
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