Visiting Radio Hauraki
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In November 2014 I went to New Zealand for the very first time. Before I started my official journey through that beautiful country, I decided to visit - the former and New Zealand’s one and only offshore station - Radio Hauraki in Auckland. Radio Hauraki, which was broadcasting off the coast of New Zealand’s northern isle for 1.111 days, between 1966 and 1970, became legal in 1970. It was always very popular in New Zealand. Despite of the fact that I wasn’t able to listen live to the station until they started broadcasting via the internet, I’ve been in contact with the station since 1990.
Radio Hauraki’s main office and studios are located in Auckland’s Cook Street - in the center of New Zealand’s “City of Sails”.

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Hauraki shares the building with some other stations belonging to the network NZME. (New Zealand Media & Entertainment).

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Brand Engagement Manager Nathan Hart welcomed and showed me around the building and Hauraki’s studios. Later on I had the opportunity to join DJ Alex Behan during his show.

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Talking about offshore radio, Alex told me that everyone involved in the station is very proud of Radio Hauraki’s history. He also told me about his friendship with the legendary John Peel.

In the office I discovered a number of rare items recalling the history of Radio Hauraki. For instance: the first warrant of the operation of a broadcasting station of June 30th 1970, when the station became legal; a letter of the Minister of Marine condemning the TIRI unseaworthy in 1966 etc..

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Also the old lifebelt of the TIRI is still in the office.

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Another remarkable evidence of the connection between the nowadays Radio Hauraki and the ship based station are the registration numbers of their cars.

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Alex and Nathan as well as the whole crew in the office were delighted, when I showed them my old Hauraki t-shirt of the 1980ies.

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It’s really an amazing thing that the spirit of offshore radio is still alive in New Zealand in 2014 too. This is also underlined by the fact the movie “3 Mile Limit”, which tells the story of Radio Hauraki’s early years, is a very successful one in New Zealand.
Not so long ago New Zealand TV released a TV Movie called “Pirates Of The Airwaves”.

Radio Hauraki will celebrate its 50th anniversary in December 2016. According to Nathan and Alex there are thoughts about a reunion that year.

Over the last decades Hauraki changed its formats. Nowadays Radio Hauraki is New Zealand’s iconic rock and alternative radio station.
The signal of Radio Hauraki can be heart all over New Zealand via 16 FM-transmitters.

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