Zeezenders 20 in Noordwijkerhout
© Dietmar Flacke, Rob Olthof, Hans Knot, Theo Dencker and Kurt Kristkowitz - 29th and 30th July 1978 - Congress Centrum 'Leeuwenhorst', Langelaan 3, Noordwijkerhout -

Convention "Zeezenders 20", organised by Music Radio Promotions (Mike Baron, Nik Oakley) in cooperation with Hans en Jelle Knot, Ton van Draanen, Marc Jacobs, Frans Schuurbiers, Hans van Dijk and Loes van Dijk.

Guests included Tony Allan, Stuart Russel, Mike Bass, Robbie Dale, Mark Roman, Graham Gill, Andy Archer, Bill Rollins, Paul Hollingdale, Carl Kingston, Kas Collins (Kas van Iersel), Carl Kingston, Hugo Meulenhof, Ferry Eden, Frank van der Mast, Herman de Graaf, Graham Gill, Rudi Kagon, Marc van Amstel, Peter van Dam, Bob Le-Roi, Paul Harris, Poul "Dane" Foged, Nils Thalin, Hasse Hansson.

During the second day of the event, the very first Freewave Media Magazine saw the daylight. A monthly magazine, still being published today, now by the Foundation for Media Communication (SMC). Hans Knot has been the Final Editor of the magazine for all those years.
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