Radio Paradijs
© Theo Dencker, Rob Olthof and Dietmar Flacke - In 1981 suddenly a new radioship, the MV Magda Maria, appeared of the Dutch coast. It was aimed to bring two radio stations, Radio Paradijs as well as Radio Monique. However Dutch authorities had other ideas and entered the radioship, which got an new anchorage in Amsterdam harbour with a lot of equipment removed. From the late Rob Olthof’s Foundation of Media Communication’s Archive we bring you exclusively 5 photographs taken by Theo Dencker from Germany. It shows a ship nearing the radio ship and bringing aboard a team from the Veronica Broadcasting Corporation, which was at that stage a fully public broadcaster. For radio as well as tv it was Ruud Hendriks reporting on the ‘new station’.
There were more pictures added that were taken by Dietmar Flacke.
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