Allan Weiner's WBCQ
"As radio "fades" a bit worldwide. And people reminisce. Please know that we at WBCQ are putting the "juice" back in the bands.

We are about to put on the air the world's largest, most versatile, shortwave station in the world. All dedicated to free speech, the station transmits with an output power of 500,000 watts and an ERP out of the antenna of 20 megawatts. The antenna is fully rotatable so we can beam a shortwave signal to any country on earth. Testing begins in two weeks on 9330khz and on air 24/7 in May. Truly a shot in the arm for the radio effort. Lots of religious programs, but hey-they pay the HUGE bills.

So don't fret-radio is alive at the world's free speech, only licensed pirate station-WBCQ."
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