In memoriam Graham Gill
* 15th April 1936 † 9th April 2018

Well to speak in the words of the late Graham Gill to all his former colleagues and radio friends: ‘Hello good people. Martin van der Ven and Hans Knot have promised me to make a wonderful photo album of our friendship, my long-standing radio career and my years in my native country Australia, where I left for Europe in 1966. Around 350 photos are taken by several persons and digitalized in good memory of the Great Graham 'Grisilda' Gill. The first pages are from last 3 decades and next are the older photos. Hope you will enjoy these in memory of the good times we all had together through the by us all loved medium radio.’

© pictures: Martin van der Ven, Hans Knot, Andy Archer, Rob Olthof, Martin van der Ven, Look Boden, Theo Dencker, Jana Knot-Dickscheit, Jelle Knot, Jan van Heeren, Roger Kent, Pam Wood, Ian Anderson, Dietmar Flacke, Walter Galle, Theo Bakker, Jörg Krips, David van der Ven, Frank Leonhardt,collectie Graham Gill in Freewave Nostalgie Archive and other so far unkown sources
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