Field Visit of Shri. Guruprasad Tripathy, Principal RITE Mahisapata, Dhenkanal cum State Nodal Officer on November 3, 2017
On 3rd November 2017 Shri. Guruprasad Tripathy, Principal RITE Mahisapata, Dhenkanal,cum State Nodal Officer During his visit to Gajapati District attended a CCE organized by SACAL in Mohana Block. In others AAO Mohana, DAO R. Udayagiri and other Officers from ATMA , and District Coordinator WASSAN were also present. The Coordinator SACAL has organized the event in field of Shri Pitabasa Ranasandha, Village: Kidasingh, of Chandragiri GP. The finger weight was recorded 7.8 kg/25sqm. Later in a meeting with dept. officials and Millet Mission coordinators Shri Tripathy suggested to share information among each other and take steps for wide popularization of Millet Mission. He advice WASSAN to work on marketing of the produced finger millet by developing linkage with market players.
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