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Assembling The Avengers - Day 3: Hawkeye


In anticipation of the upcoming Avengers movie I started building some pieces to be displayed at my local comic shop on FCBD this Saturday. Even though I started these around the first of March, I've just managed to get them finished in time and snapped some photos with the help of my Wife.


I wrote an article on FBTB back in October about LEGO costuming and have been experimenting with it a great deal since then. I have many projects in the works and some will probably never be widely seen, but being a Marvel Zombie I could not miss this opportunity to create a tribute to some of my favourite Avengers.


Some info on Hawkeye's weapons from Marvel.com


Hawkeye he used bow and "trick" arrows such as: flares, explosives, putty, sonic blasts, buzz saws, electrical discharge, suction cups, tear gas, smoke bombs, bolas, nets, rockets, and boomerangs.


Thank you to my lovely Wife for taking these photos for me!


Just one more day to go...

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Taken on May 4, 2012