What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be... Explore #323

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Bit crappy as it was single high iso shot from the hip as no cameras allowed.

This is Cimitero dei Cappuccini in Rome one of the most macabre places I've ever been

This is stolen from wikipedia

The crypt is located just under Santa Maria della Concezione, a church commissioned by Pope Urban VIII in 1626. The pope's brother, Cardinal Antonio Barberini, who was of the Capuchin Order, in 1631 ordered the remains of thousands of Capuchin friars exhumed and transferred from the friary Via dei Lucchesi to the crypt. The bones were arranged along the walls, and the friars began to bury their own dead here, as well as the bodies of poor Romans, whose tomb was under the floor of the present Mass chapel. Here the Capuchins would come to pray and reflect each evening before retiring for the night.

The crypt, or ossuary, now contains the remains of 4,000 friars buried between 1500–1870, during which time the Roman Catholic Church permitted burial in and under churches. The underground crypt is divided into five chapels, lit only by dim natural light seeping in through cracks, and small fluorescent lamps. The crypt walls are decorated with the remains in fantastic fashion, making this crypt a true work of art. Some of the skeletons are intact and draped with Franciscan habits, but for the most part, individual bones are used to create elaborate ornamental designs.

When the crypt was created, Christians had a rich and creative set of rituals involving their dead.Great spiritual masters meditated and preached with a skull in hand.

A plaque in the chapel reads:

What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be...

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  1. Silent Side Photography. 33 months ago | reply

    oh wow! that is amazing! i want to go there!

  2. reintjedevos 33 months ago | reply

    From the hip! Wow... you know your camera! Excellent shot!
    Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

  3. r.brownlow 33 months ago | reply

    looks great!! pretty good shot from the hip!!!

  4. 1987porsche944 33 months ago | reply

    Insanely awesome for "from the hip" dude.

  5. skinsbbc 33 months ago | reply

    WOW!!! Very morbid but I would be very interested in seeing this place in person one day.

  6. lord otori 33 months ago | reply

    Straight rawness, great shot mate a spectacular place for sure.

  7. Grim Git 33 months ago | reply

    Weird place - I love it !

  8. jardj1 33 months ago | reply

    Creepy place, but still a decent image.

  9. Mя.Møпstɛr 33 months ago | reply

    great one mate...never knew theres one in rome aswell...only know the one in czech (kutna hora)

  10. sureShut 33 months ago | reply

    very impressive.

  11. Doug Insole 33 months ago | reply

    Wow that's macabre, great shot under the circumstances

  12. Canadian Wendy 24 taking the summer off 33 months ago | reply

    wowsers that is old!! Awesome details I always wonder why they dont let photography in places like this!!

  13. angie_1964 32 months ago | reply

    This is really really cool. I don't understand how they can let you see something so amazing and expect you to not photograph it.

  14. TerryTian 32 months ago | reply

    You are My WINNER!!!
    "We travel the world"

    *(Post 1 Award 1)*
    Great Shot !!!

  15. farbspiel 32 months ago | reply

    I like the details, Don! Well done!

  16. Photo's by Roy 32 months ago | reply

    I had no idea places like existed. Yikes!

  17. BlueisCoool 24 months ago | reply

    Very nice work - congrats on being explored !

  18. Sir Francis Canker Photography © 21 months ago | reply

    Pretty well done. I was there and was not allowed to take pix as you mention. Even if I took a few, they are not as good as this one.

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