• sterile water
  • condom
  • little metal pot for cooking drugs
  • cotton balls
  • Alcohol swabs
  • thin needle
  • thinner needle
  • thinnest needle
  • tourniquet

Needle Exchange

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The contents of a needle exchange kit.

I found it interesting they include multiple needles of different bore sizes. The viscocity of drugs can be radically different, i.e. methadone is more viscous than heroin which is more viscous than cocaine. Pushing methadone through a small needle is impossible.

Here's a pipe pressure loss calculator to play with...

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  1. Lindsay Beyerstein 66 months ago | reply

    Thanks for this excellent photo and informative caption. I used your "blog this" button to feature the image here.

  2. Todd Huffman 66 months ago | reply

    Thanks Lindsay!

  3. Suturn 62 months ago | reply

    Hello!! Nice pic! Can I use it to promote a Convention about Drugs and Damage Reduction here in Italy? I am going to report your name in the Credits

  4. Todd Huffman 62 months ago | reply

    @Suturn Go ahead, and thank you!

  5. Jude's Affair 60 months ago | reply

    god,this is amazing.

  6. LA Horchata 52 months ago | reply

    haha he said amazing relax its just your average handout form the needle exchange but when those damn things get dull youll know why its amazing haha

  7. simon_simon2011 34 months ago | reply

    Are you talking about injectable or oral methadone? Because I don't think any drug agency would promote injecting oral meth!

    Also, there is no vit-C or citric acid packet included here, which - in the UK at least - is vital for breaking down heroin or crack cocaine to inject.

  8. simon_simon2011 34 months ago | reply

    Oh yeah, they give the different needle bores to try to promote less risk of vein collapse or for people who are using thread veins, not because of difference of 'viscocity of drugs'! lol

  9. RumpledElf 27 months ago | reply

    Hi, I used this photo here: photographicdictionary.com/s/sterile

    Thanks for sharing with a CC license!

  10. thelocalfrance2013 14 months ago | reply

    Hi we usedthis photo at www.thelocal.fr for a story about drugs,



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