• I should have looked in the mirror before we left. They are much more level when my bra is not all shifted and lopsided-looking.
  • The happiest clearance coat I've found. Oh yeah, that's rose pink and purple.

Kevin called this "Good Things to Eat".

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After receiving our free Grand Slams at Denny's, I took Kevin's bacon and sausage (he doesn't eat pork for non-religious reasons) and asked him if he got a better view of the meat on my plate so I could post a photo after we got home. Of course he made sure my chest was in the picture.

  1. Pamela N! 75 months ago | reply

    What a nice coat. Hahaha, I have "bad bra moments" too. I know your paaaaaaain!

  2. oddharmonic 69 months ago | reply

    Hello, Consumerist readers! (And a belated hello to Business Insider readers, who saw this photo back in February.)

    *Scientists Agree: Denny's Is Dangerous
    *No Arrests At Denny's Free Breakfast Stunt

  3. IcronticPrime 69 months ago | reply

    hey you! Saw your photo on consumerist. Congrats!

    I saw the name and said HEY, THAT'S ODDHARMONIC. Remember us? :P

  4. oddharmonic 69 months ago | reply

    Hi! Thank you! And yes, I remember Icrontic. PrimeSuspect, right?

  5. IcronticPrime 69 months ago | reply

    That's me! Nice to see you again. The internet's a small world :D

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