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    This is a model of one of the Royal Australian Navies new Armidale class patrol boats which replaced the older Fremantle class boats (all of which have now been decomissioned).
    This particular vessel is the HMAS Hammersley from the TV series "Sea Patrol" the Armidale class will feature in the 2nd series of this popular drama series.
    This render was a joint effort between myself and Jason Simpson who is a member of the Royal Australian Navy and helped me tremendously with reference material as well as modeling the hull and superstructure and a lot of work on the masts. I modeled a lot of the little details, the RHIBS and davits, Typhoon cannon and other bits & pieces.

    Armidale class statistics
    Hull : Hull Semi-displacement vee, with Seastate active ride control system (hydraulic stabiliser fins and stern trim tabs).

    Displacement : 270 tonnes

    Length : 56.8 metres

    Beam : 9.68 metres

    Ship's company : 21

    Propulsion : Two MTU 16V M70 2320kW diesel engines driving twin screws through ZF transmissions.

    Speed : 25 knots

    Armament : Rafael Typhoon 25mm naval stabilised deck gun and two 12.7mm machine guns.

    Surveillance : Low light optical, communication direction finding and radar.

    Builder : Austal ships

    1. kiml42 102 months ago | reply

      Beautiful model, loads of accurate detail (at least I assume it's accurate). It's interesting how you decided to do it as a miniature model.

    2. 54 Ford Customline 102 months ago | reply

      thanks! I originally wanted to put this in the sea, but I gave up trying to render convincing looking seawater. I instead opted for the scale model look.

    3. kiml42 102 months ago | reply

      I know what you mean, I decided to to da an animation over water. It was very hard, and it takes ages to render, so long that I still haven't finished.

    4. Michelle ~ Blacky ~ Champaz's Captures.... 98 months ago | reply

      This is pretty cool, the navy should bring out a model of this. (I shall speak to my contacts!)

    5. Valcir Siqueira 80 months ago | reply


      This work is fantastic, STIRS SOUL!

      100% @rt

    6. john.wy 69 months ago | reply

      Is this a kit or an actual miniature model, of Hammersley, please ?

    7. 54 Ford Customline 69 months ago | reply

      john.wy In a way it's a model, but one that exists only on computer. It was rendered fully in the 3D graphics software 3D Max, by myself and a member of the R.A.N

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