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1938 San Francisco street map

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Any spots that look weird or have streets that aren't properly connected are areas where the individual scans of the map didn't join up properly when I stitched them together.


Some major differences between this map and today:

Parts of the bay around Pier 80/Islais Creek, India Basin, Hunters Point and Candlestick Point hadn't been filled in yet

Mission Rock was and island, instead of having a pier built out over it like now

Most of the area around Lake Merced and some parts of Mount Sutro/Twin Peaks weren't developed at all

Much of where Parkmerced is now was a golf course

Two of the cemeteries around Geary and Masonic were still there

No freeways, and US-40 and US-50 were the highways across the Bay Bridge


A lot of the parks were different:

Dolores Park was called Mission Park

Precita Park was called Bernal Park

China Beach was called Phelan Memorial Beach

Bernal Hill was only proposed as a park

"Proposed Glen Canyon Reservoir" where Glen Canyon is

The eastern half of Mount Davidson wasn't a park

Balboa Park was much larger and covered the current main campus of City College

McLaren Park was bigger

There was a park where the Hall of Justice and the freeway are now

There were other animals in Golden Gate Park besides the bison, including bears


Playland, Sutro Baths and Seals Stadium are all on here, and on Treasure Island it says "Site of 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition"


There are so many other little differences that I couldn't possibly list them all

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Taken sometime in 1938