Harbor Day
“Harbor Day - At The Docks,” the event is an innovative family friendly program highlighting Ocean City’s important local maritime culture and traditions, including both commercial and sport fishing heritage. The program will be held along the waterfront and parking lot adjacent to Sunset Avenue in West Ocean City. This ideal location allows event planners ample space for exhibitor’s tents, educational displays, small stages for demonstrations and access to the proximity of both commercial and sport fishing boats that participate to exemplify our local historic coastal traditions.

The Harbor Day - At The Docks event will focus on maritime traditions such as commercial fishing, sport fishing, marine aquaculture, safety at sea and local seafood processing. Event highlights will include seafood cooking demonstrations, fish cleaning techniques, net mending, scallop harvesting, marlin rigging, children’s games, and many other local maritime related topics, all held outside along the waterfront. The event seeks to educate and enlighten not only the heritage interested traveler/visitor, but also those people who own seasonal homes or have recently moved to the area. This program will stimulate interest in the county’s maritime culture and give both visitors and area residents a coastal “sense of place.” It will also create an economic multiplier effect for local businesses, including area tackle shops, marinas, hotels, restaurants, marine trade dealers, fish docks, commercial fishermen, the for-hire fishing sector, other waterfront and maritime related services and area small businesses. It will also link local businesses and non-profit organizations into the concept of heritage tourism. The Harbor Day - At The Docks event will be free and open to the public.
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