"Never get between a Canadian and his liquor!"

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Sometimes you have to broadcast on a higher frequency ;-)

This is a little vignette I created for the Epic Meal Time crew. It arrived at their secret Canadian compound today. They seem pretty pleased with it... Because they're fucking SMART!

(...now to keep an eye out for this in the background of future episodes...)

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  1. Ochre Jelly 23 months ago | reply

    All of which was just a shameless ego-stroking ploy to get them to notice this...

  2. Gilcélio 23 months ago | reply

    hahahaha <3

  3. Umm, Who? 23 months ago | reply

    It's true. NEVER get between us and our liquor...

  4. Ochre Jelly 23 months ago | reply

    And here it is ON LOCATION at the EMT secret headquarters, for some reason not smothered in bacon strips...

    <-- via actual living HarleyCam!

  5. Dakar A 23 months ago | reply

    I like the sly hiding of the Lego details on the label, the redirect got me. ;P Also, the new 1x1 round tiles would make great aviators.

  6. Ochre Jelly 23 months ago | reply

    ^ I know, esp. the metallic ones. Sadly that thought only occured to me during packing and it was too late at night to go out and buy more Legaaaz. Maybe I'll mail them a pair as an upgrade.

    PS: If you liked the hidden redirect, I've hidden a similar one showing the underside of the model. But it's not in this image, but in a much older one that happens to share a couple of 'themes' with EMT. You have to go looking for it! ;-)

  7. Rolic 23 months ago | reply

    Hahaha... funny.. err.. or not so funny.
    For one moment I thought that the bottle is real.

  8. Si-MOCs 23 months ago | reply

    heh. I never realized they were Canadian.
    Shame, they should be using Canadian Rye not JD :P

  9. Doctor Mobius 23 months ago | reply

    - "Mr Lahey, is that you talking, or the liquor?"
    - "Randy... I am the liquor."

  10. Regonold 22 months ago | reply

    damn straight

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