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"Darlings" by Heather Braaten

A while ago, Heather dreamed up this brilliant concept that she called "Darlings". I thought they were so adorable and clever that as soon as I got back from the SeaLUG meeting I started working on a few of my own (and poking a little fun at Heather in the process!). Above, you can see her original versions, and some of the imitations that they inspired (by KimZ, Alex Eylar, and myself).


Some of you may remember the Vic Viper memorial we staged for Nate Nelson at BrickCon. In a similar vein, I thought it might be cool to stage a COLLABORATIVE "DARLINGS" DISPLAY at some 2012 LEGO conventions, in memory of Heather and to celebrate her love of the hobby.


I will be hosting a "Darlings" collaboration at BrickCon 2012, under the Bricks of Character theme. It would be fantastic if every attendee brought along at least one Darling! Or hec, even if you're not attending, just mail 'em to me and I'll return them to you afterwards.


I plan to churn these out until either my fingers bleed, or I run out of boat studs, whichever comes first...


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Uploaded on April 4, 2012