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Layers include a .jpg of the Google Earth generated globe which is inverted, stretched and manipulated in 3 other layers, ripples from an M. C. Escher print and a stunning photo by a Professor Andrew Davidhazy from Rochester, NY. described on a few of the 80, 000+ references to him on Google as modest, talented, a great teacher and a ghost expert for photography. I have just licensed my work on line with the Creative Commons. Their icon lets people know that they can use your work for non-commercial reasons if they attribute it to you; they can make derivatives but they have to share-alike. Of course the challenge with Goggle Images is some of the most striking images available are difficult to track down in terms of authorship because there are already so many derivatives. This was the case with this drop of water by this stellar professor who continues to do astounding work. I left a comment on his web blog but I re-entered it three times before I realized he had wisely included an administrator's block for unedited entries. It may take him ages to even check his comments. When he does he will find to his annoyance in his busy life, that I've inadvertently left three. As I do more research on simplifying the Creative Commons for the commoner I will be tracing this at my WordPress blog.


An Inuit friend reminded me that for the global perspective for many Inuit of Canada is from a circumpolar point of view. In honour of my Inuit friends and students from time to time I view the earth through their lens. So I have geotagged this to the north east of Baffin Island, perhaps somewhere near Pond Inlet. Hello to the family of Julia and Ernie! Their family photo with their children all wearing traditional clothing was taken when they visited you in Pond Inlet is on the walls of our home on Vancouver Island.


This image was reworked and uploaded to Flynn-Burhoe. 2007. "Ripple Effects: Wave Algorithm." Speechless.


I believe I uploaded this image to Flickr on October 22, 2006. By January 2009 25 people tagged this image as a favorite and it had been viewed 45,989 times. Because it was one of the earlier images I posted in my Flickr account, and since then I have continued to add more, once it hit the magic number of 200 images, this one and many others are no longer visible on my photostream. However, since it is well-tagged and has been highlighted and used by others through the Creative Commons Licensing, it is still being found through searches!


The more recent revised version is still available on my Flickr photostream.


I know a pro account would bring these missing images back into the photo stream, but I do not want to take the risk of album deletions, etc. And my cyber experiment has been with open source and free accounts.

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Taken on October 22, 2006