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Submarine Ring of Fire 2002: "Explorer Ridge" July 31 Log

This octopus was spotted on the side of a fault scarp during a geologic traverse by the ROPOS Remotely Operated Vehicles. Image courtesy of Submarine Ring of Fire 2002 "Explorer Ridge" Exploration, NOAA Vents Program.


Please visit source: oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/explorations/02fire/logs/jul31/jul...


Take a trip to the seafloor! Explore the hydrothermal vents of the Magic Mountain Chimney Fields by clicking on an interactive map you can explorer a series of computer animations and videos of the seafloor..


See a virtual view of the Merlin Sulfide Mound in the Magic Mountain hydrothermal vent site on Explorer Ridge. The fly-through movie starts at Tubeworm chimney, circles around and passes over RunAround chimney, and ends looking at the CTD over Stump chimney. Along the way you will also see the octopus that was spotted on the side of the fault scarp.

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Taken on July 29, 2002