• my mum gave me this one
  • i bought this fleece number for warmth not cuteness, honest
  • cord with fleece lining..about 12 years old
  • special super thick woolly hat (& scarf) i knitted for my moscow trip earlier this year
  • bought in st andrews
  • my first hat knitting attempt
  • paul frank bumble bee hat & mittens bought by andy for xmas a few years ago
  • old sun hat covered in chalk from climbing trips
  • beret that no-one thought i would wear, but i do!
  • felt cap...classic unisex hat
  • wedding hat - everybody needs one
  • lace knit skull cap
  • the ill hat - belongs to andy but apparently looks cuter on me. aids recovery from illness and thinking. the best hat ever made. FACT.
  • safety first
  • classic festival hat with fleece lining and pompoms
  • cutest sunhat ever complete with pocket for ice-cream money
  • My favorite, actually. :) - KristelPoole
  • This one's my favorite! :) - bookgrl
  • Super stylin'. - Great Danes

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13/8/07 : i wasn't feeling at all creative this evening so i asked andy for a theme and he said hats. just hats. i went with it and discovered i actually own more hats than i thought. i do like a good hat me. anyway, i've accidentally deleted this twice already but hopefully it's here to stay now. hats. a study. by me.

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  1. One Thousand New Ways 94 months ago | reply

    Good god, woman, does it actually get any more adorable?!

  2. KriMiSS 94 months ago | reply

    you own more than me! (I own 10 or 11 presently). I like hats.

  3. bookgrl 94 months ago | reply

    Lady, you have a LOT of hats!

    So do I. And even more scarves... :)

  4. Haggis Chick 94 months ago | reply

    LOL my goodness you have loads of hats!!!

  5. this-is-sarah 94 months ago | reply

    I love this, Hannah. I have at least that many hats too. When I last moved house I had to use a bin bag to transport them on account of there being so many. Hats!!

  6. Great Danes 94 months ago | reply

    Fantastic! I have very many hats as well - and so may have to copycat this at some point. Woot!
    Adorable, adorable, adorable.... xx

  7. Your Funny Uncle 94 months ago | reply

    Hah! You have the same bike helmet as me! :)

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  8. obo-bobolina 94 months ago | reply

    oh gosh. thanks everyone. it was fun to do. i'm going to make an effort to wear them more in real life now too! x

  9. cagedbirdy 94 months ago | reply

    this is too fun! very creative, and you're darn cute!

  10. obo-bobolina 94 months ago | reply

    tee hee..thanks. x

  11. miss_froggy_face 94 months ago | reply

    I like the beret best too :) Super cute!

  12. kersy83 94 months ago | reply

    Yeah, the beret so wins!

  13. obo-bobolina 93 months ago | reply

    hurrah. the beret is a winner! x
    heh. thankee. x

  14. obo-bobolina 93 months ago | reply

    that one belongs to andy. well it does now. it suits him and i still wear it sometimes when i'm at his. heh. x

  15. kersy83 93 months ago | reply

    Aaah. Now trying to imagine.

    Now laughing. I don't think it could look better on him.

  16. Angela*Klocke [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    This is too cute, and you have a lot of great hats!

  17. sillyhair 83 months ago | reply

    So creative mmmm

  18. urgh 76 months ago | reply

    I love it!

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