The Golden Age Of Steam

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A quick mock-up. To get everyone in focus, I had to take six separate shots of the carriage with different focus settings, then merge them all into one.

I don't know how I'm going to animate the steam yet.

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  1. peggyjdb 39 months ago | reply

    Great photo Chris, you have amazing patience.

  2. technoandrew 39 months ago | reply

    Are you going to do the trick with the focus for every frame of the animation? That would take some patience. Still, this picture looks superb. "Please do not lean out of the windows" ;)

  3. Oblong 39 months ago | reply

    I think that would kill me. This is just going to be a still photo with some digitally animated steam and motion.

  4. technoandrew 39 months ago | reply

    OK. Be sure to have some nice 'clickerty clack' sounds with this!

  5. TejasVIM 39 months ago | reply

    Im assuming you could use this technique for DOF purposes? Perhaps to get more shallow DOFs or so. Great job with the lighting and composting of the shot too, always be looking forward to it.

    -Tejas VIM

  6. paul_griffiths 39 months ago | reply

    If you used a stills camera instead of your DV video camera you might be able to get a longer depth of field...

  7. Oblong 39 months ago | reply

    The outlay for a decent camera with a pc-compatible live feed, a macro lens and an upgrade to my stop motion software so that I could use it isn't really justified at the moment. It's on my wish list for the future if people start paying me decent money to do this though.

  8. paul_griffiths 39 months ago | reply

    Fair enough, stills cameras can be expensive.

    My Canon 400D connects to my computer via USB and will allow me to control it from a free application. Maybe you could find a cheaper non-slr that does the same thing?

    Plus you don't need 'stop motion software', you can just take the images as a sequence and save them as a video clip, on a Mac that's done through Quicktime, I'm sure it's very easy on Windows too.

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