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These are kid's books from the early 60's to the late 70's. I began collecting these books as public libraries were deaccessionizing (holding local sales of well-thumbed books) so they were easily affordable. I was looking for what came next, after the geometric modern simplicity of children's books from the 50's. As an artist in Williamsburg I was friends with painters who were drawing from this type of transcendent imagery of the 60's and I began to look at source material to better understand what made an image psychedelic. Kids books of this time are visually dense, they are saturated with a riot of acid colors; the boundaries between bodies and landscape melt. There are visual undercurrents of contrasty Brit Mod Pop art made of zipatone and cellotak, and hippie swirly art influenced by Art Nouveau along with visionary dips into altered realities of hallucinogenic scenes. These books often contain an underlying optimism of utopic eco-friendly hopefulness. Self-published tracts by offbeat amateur hippies sincerely try to remake the world by letting each child's inner goodness shine. Even the goofy commercial work of the 70's, a kind of faux predigested hippiness created by Madison Avenue and Hallmark deserves celebration and admiration.

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