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    What can I say? It hurts like hell.

    Tattoo by: Tijuana Tattoo

    Design by me!

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    1. lewisfilms 70 months ago | reply

      O, I think its cool. I just hope you are comfortable knowing that short of a radical surgery, you can never go back! :)

    2. O Abnormal 70 months ago | reply

      I'm about half a body too late for regretting tattoos - but thanks for the concern.

    3. rzrxtion (pronounced resurrection) 70 months ago | reply

      i hope you take this for the compliment that it is...

      that looks so crazysexyfokkincool on ya!

      *thumbs up*

    4. Brains_For_Dinner 70 months ago | reply

      Ok, I think I want to tattoo my head now.

    5. 09samlo 70 months ago | reply


    6. Alejandro Giraldo / 70 months ago | reply

      huyyyy sergio y la lengua bifida que!
      falta falta!

    7. O Abnormal 70 months ago | reply

      No he podido encontrar donde!

    8. lauralink88 70 months ago | reply

      yay!! now I have an excuse for looking at the back of your head!! XD - muy genial!!!

    9. Makatsuta 70 months ago | reply

      That's rather South American looking...oh, wait, you LIVE there. :) Nice tat!

    10. 84// 70 months ago | reply

      hayyyy se daño la vida este caballero, si ve ya no va a conseguir trabajo

    11. |||GloOmy||| 70 months ago | reply

      Genial, genial, genial!!!! muy bacano te quedó!!!! ya somos más los que nos estamos dañando la vida!!!!

    12. Marcio Carrasco 70 months ago | reply

      duele solo de mirar!
      mas quedó muy bueno.


    13. bebeton 49 months ago | reply

      what does it symbolize?

    14. Sarmile 48 months ago | reply

      Obviously it symbolises SUPER BACON!

    15. deaaqua 47 months ago | reply

      Oh I love that design! It's my favorite type of tattoo style - all black, clean cut, tribal-esque...etc. I want another one like it, but the artist who designed one of mine has disappeared :(

      Anyway, fantastic tattoo, looks amazing :)

    16. rikkie7 47 months ago | reply

      the awesome was surely worth the pain :)

    17. whyeverknot 47 months ago | reply

      at least if you want to change it, it'll be easy to remove with the belt sander. no nooks or crannies.

    18. sixty8panther 42 months ago | reply

      Not bad for a tattoo, much better than picking something generic & lame off a wall.

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