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Out for a walk last Sunday, we stopped at several street/garage sales. No surprise... it was a beautiful sunny day. Stopping at several on Noe Street, then making our way up the hill on Noe, back down to Noe Valley and then to the Mission, we eventually came up a guy and a woman selling some things at the corner of Liberty and Valencia.


I noticed a copy of John F. Kennedy and PT-109 amongst the books that were spread out on a blanket. It appeared to be a first-edition book, and as I'm somewhat of a JFK buff, I decided to buy it. When I asked her how much she wanted, she replied, then asked me something along the lines of "Does that have a hand crank?" It didn't immediately strike me what she was asking about so I begged her pardon and she pointed at the Rolleicord and asked again. (Funny... sometimes, when I'm not thinking much about the camera, but still holding it in clear sight, I sometimes forget I have it when I'm engaged in something else. It's typical that people ask me about it while I'm using it and not so much when I'm just holding it.)


After a brief discussion about the camera and how it came into my hands, I told her of my rule and she graciously obliged. I initially wanted to shoot the portrait facing uphill, with my back to Valencia, but the sun would have shone directly into the lens, which I've found creates too much flare, yielding pretty much unusable images. So, I turned her around and shot away from the sun. As I was framing the shot, someone (at left) walked into the shot and began perusing the stuff for sale. I waited briefly, hoping he'd quickly move on, but he didn't and I didn't want Marsha to get too impatient and beg off herself.


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Taken on July 10, 2011