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Not really a stranger...


A few years ago, I came across Peter's photoblog, discovered he had a flickr account and we became contacts. He was never a particularly active flickrer, so he pretty much closed up his stream a year or so ago. We've remained in contact via facebook, where I suspect he saw my dalliances with film with the Holga and Duaflex last year. Earlier this year, I got a note from him indicating he wasn't using his Rolleicord and that he thought it would be better in the hands of someone who would use it, instead of collecting dust at his place. As a bonus, he sent it to me with twenty or so rolls of film and a full complement of filters.


After receiving the camera, I emailed him scans of photos he'd taken with the it (it had arrived with a roll of film still in it), and he said that he was going to be making a rather lengthy visit to this part of the country (he lives in Ohio) and that he'd be in San Francisco for a spell; that I could give him the negatives at that time. When I responded, I offered a place for him to stay while he was here. He arrived last Friday and left for Oregon yesterday. While we were having dinner on Saturday at Gracias Madre, I told him I wanted to shoot his portrait with this mural as the backdrop.

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Taken on July 2, 2011