Fusiliers Arch - At the Start of the Tour

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Hello - Welcome to the Flickr walking tour of St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland.

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* Next, move your cursor over the white rectangle. The words "Start Tour" will appear.
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  1. davebushe 109 months ago | reply

    Fantastic idea. I was completly sold on it by the third photo. It's an excellent use of notes, it must have taken you ages to get them all noted up in order nevermind all taken!

    I've been wanting to do a much smaller scale set for a while, to document the way from my front door to the office door but that would only be a single shot around every corner. I'll have at think about what there is around me that I could so something like this.

    Again, excellent work and an excellent idea.

  2. O6scura 109 months ago | reply

    Thanks Dave,

    I got the idea from some Flickrite who'd strung three photos together this way. Adding text with points of (historical/other) interest and the walking tour metaphore evolved from that.

    Debugging the notes (making sure the links were correct) was a pain. Having all the pictures I needed was another matter. I had to keep going back to take “in between” locations. Also since I started the project in January the park looks really miserable in many of the photos. I have replaced the worst offenders already and plan to replace most of the rest over the summer.

  3. DaraghOwens 109 months ago | reply


    Terrefic job, I loved the idea from the description and was thinking what I could do, but when I saw what you had done, I thought wow that's a lot of work. No problem taking he photos but the ordering and notes must have taken forever! Great job, I will have to get my finger out.

  4. drade 109 months ago | reply

    excellent idea and excellent tour!
    i joined the group as well..
    i hope to have some time soon
    and make a virtual tour of my art gallery.

  5. DjMagra 109 months ago | reply


    I've finally copped onto what you are doing, many apologies for all the random pictures posted here the other day!

    I've just blogged this over on The Dublin Community Blog, and I really hope that word gets around and the idea catches on!!

  6. O6scura 109 months ago | reply


    Thanks for the write up. I think the idea is sound - now it's a question of getting some critical mass of tours established.

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