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AEX-12J FORDY | by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger)
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AEX-12J FORDY - Junior class type V.A. that has high mobility and average attack, range, and ammo. Lacks in defense, depending on its agility to avoid damage.

* Height: 3825mm

* Weight: 6780kg

* Armor: 18-22 mm

* Max Speed: 60-106 km/h

* Max Power: 1798hp


Sarah White aka Siren - The child of a human mother and a Raian father, she grew up in a slum camp. Though spirited and spunky, she occasionally shows tenderness to others. After she discovered the true purpose of the mission, she refused to participate in any further missions. On August 18, she was discharged from the United Earth Force and returned to Raia, where she spends most of her time as a volunteer.

* Machine: AEX-12J FORDY

* Height: 156.1cm

* Weight: 40.3kg

* Birthday: 2262/12/3

* Age: 20

* Blood Type: A

* Nationality: France

* Rank: 2nd lieutenant


I've spent countless hours and coins on the coin-op game Armored Warriors in my youth. The arcade was just a block away from school and we used to sneak in there whenever we could. I just loved this game. Giant robots beating up other giant robots.


I always played as Fordy (the yellow robot) or Reptos (the blue one). They where the quick and agile ones. I liked being able to outmaneuver my opponents and then stab them in the back. In the game you can switch arms and cannons. My favorite was the drill.


I've been wanting to build this since 2013. But it just never felt quite right. But this will have to do. I don't think I will be able to build a better version in minifig scale.


So, which one should I build next? Reptos or Guldin?


(does anyone other than me know about this game?)


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Taken on December 29, 2017