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Chan Harlond | by Oscar Cederwall (o0ger)
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Chan Harlond

Chan was a freighter pilot in one of the many colonies who helped Centauri in the war against Sol. Her colony had to suffer blockades and hard taxation by Sol which led to a lot of people starving to death or dying from deceases. Elderly and children suffered the most. Chan lost large parts of her own family.


Chan's colony had a large fleet of freight ships that where armed with guns provided by Centauri. Chan was one of the best pilots in her fleet. She was chosen to lead. Disguised as regular trade fleets they were able to lure enemy forces close and then without warning fire devastating salvos from their hidden turrets. This surprise tactic was quickly known to the enemy and then Chan's fleet turned to attacking Sol's forces head on instead, both in ambushes and regular fleet skirmishes under Centauri command.


Chan's crew quickly developed superior piloting skills and her leadership, based on hard decisiveness and respect of the competence of others, kept the loyalty in her ranks high.


Centauri let Chan keep everything they salvaged from their attacks. This made Chan's armory and wealth grow. When the war was coming to an end, there were rumors of Chan attacking both Centauri and Sol ships, even civilians. Had she been blinded by the riches and large numbers of easy prey the war had left for her? Was Chan now nothing but a simple pirate? Many sources say that these are just rumors made up by the Sol propaganda machine, but who knows? There is no evidence left.


There have recently been rumors saying Chan survived the war and she and her fleet are hiding somewhere in the galaxy… ready to strike at any time.

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Taken on May 19, 2015