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diy pinhole

Took the time this weekend to craft a homemade body-cap pinhole lens.


Materials Used:

1.) Body Cap

2.) Cheap 52mm filter

3.) Pepsi Can

4.) Poster Putty/Blu-tack

5.) Sticky tape


Tools used:

1.) Drill

2.) Pin

3.) scissors

4.) Dremmel



1.) Drill a hole through the center of the body cap.

2.) Cut a section of the pepsi can small enough to fit inside the diameter of the body cap

3.) push a pin into the middle of your pepsi can section - not hard enough to go through, but enough to make a dimple on the other side.

4.) Sand/Grind on the other side/dimple until you can see a small hole - best to check by holding up to the light.

5.) tape the pepsi can with pinhole over the hole drilled in the body cap - keep the pinhole in the center of the drilled hole.

6.) to stop the camera sucking dust through the pinhole - and it will - line the edges of the body cap with the poster-putty and stick a cheap UV or Skylight filter on it.


Depending on how much of the materials you already had - you will now have a free to approx $12 pinhole lens to play with :)


While everything will have a pleasant soft-focus - you'll find you have an infinite depth of field - basically anything from the pinhole to infinity will be 'in focus'

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Taken on May 12, 2008