Our lovely little chocolate point Balinese cat, who we affectionately referred to as our 'fuzzy meezer', since Balinese are essentially long haired Siamese ('meezers'). Rich got her when she was 5 through the Ottawa Humane Society in 2002, shortly after he moved to Ottawa, so his other cat, Rasha, would have a companion. They quickly became close friends. Rich and I started dating in 2003 and she quickly decided I was good people, and we became close buddies.

Mouse was always a bit of a sickly cat. While she tested negative for FeLV and FIV, she had a weak immune system and sensitive stomach. We also discovered in her last few weeks of life that one of her kidneys had never developed, so she was born with only one.

In July 2007 we had a scare, but she recovered. One of her teeth got infected and it spread to her liver, but lots of food and antibiotics and she got better. She never quite got back to her old weight, but she was eating and playing and doing all her normal cat things, so we hoped the worst was over.

In late September 2008 we noticed she wasn't eating or drinking much again. Long story short: after lots of vet appointments, ultrasounds, pills and injections, her kidney and liver started to fail. So we lost our little fuzzy meezer.

Mouse (Mouseycat) Lafferty, October 1996 - October 2008.

Love you buddycat.
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