Teachers of the Year speak out on teacher evaluation
Top teachers to Regents: Evaluation changes are harmful

ALBANY - May 23, 2011 - Some of the state's very best teachers - former New York State Teachers of the Year - formally delivered a letter to the Board of Regents Monday decrying the board's recent changes to the state Education Department's system for evaluating teachers and principals.

The letter was signed by eight current and former Teachers of the Year, who are annually selected by SED. Their letter says, in part, that the Regents' changes "while politically popular, will neither improve schools nor increase student learning; rather, they will cause tangible harm to students and teachers alike."

Speaking to reporters on the steps of the State Education building were NYS Teachers of the Year Jeff Peneston( 2011) Rich Ognibene (2008) and Dr. Patricia Jordan (1993).

Photos by El-Wise Noisette.
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