Onteora Teachers Association Contract Settlement
Oct. 13, 2009 -- Rarely have so many been so happy to go back to school after a three-day weekend.

The almost 200 members of the Onteora Teachers Association gave their president a standing ovation this morning when he announced the bargaining team was able to settle the contract.

Many shouted "yes" or "thank you" as they jumped to their feet. Some wiped away tears.

Standing before a packed crowd at the West Hurley fire hall, OTA President Corey Cavallaro noted the high rate of participation among the membership, who either worked directly on, or provided invaluable support to the bargaining team, the crisis committee and picket captains.

"I've never been more proud to be your president," Cavallaro said.

"All of you who volunteered countless hours are why we got through this," Cavallaro said. Bargaining team members include Luke White, Erin McGurgan, Michelle Funcilus, Richard DeRuvo, Veronica Cahill, William Melvin and Odreen Erlwein.

The OTA ran a crisis center around the clock on Columbus Day and into Oct. 13, making sure members were informed that the union and district were negotiating to get the deal done

OTA members and members of t he Onteora Non-Teaching Employees Association, led by Kimberly Raszcewski, had both been working without contracts since June 2008. ONTEA continues to bargain.

Details of the OTA settlement will not be released until the local union has its ratification meeting, which has not yet been scheduled.
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