Laser Marksman Ship Gear at Camp Smith
Camp Smith Training Site Command demonstrated several TADSS
(Training Aids Devices Simulators Simulations) systems today at Building 82
the TADSS Center. LMTS (Laser Marksmanship Training System) allows Soldiers to
build marksmanship skills and weapons familiarity using a Class IIIA laser
system which computer scores hits and misses and has a range of from 10 to 600
meters. LCCATS (Laser Collective Advanced Training System) is one of the most
advanced small arms training systems in the world and will teach trainees
multi-engagement skills in a 3 dimensional environment such as multilevel
buildings, overpasses, targets left and right and those placed on top of
buildings. See attached photos.
In addition to these Systems, the Training Site (through MNOT), has
procured 130 sets of CCMCK (Close Combat Mission Capability Kit) which will
enable force on force or force on target training in a tactical training
environment utilizing a one for one bolt exchange and special simunition
rounds for M16 and M4 weapons systems.

The existing EST, VCOT and HEAT as well as other systems that are planned,
will enable NYARNG and CSTS to provide Commanders with training systems which
will enhance unit readiness and Soldier morale.

For more information contact TADSS NCO SGT Roger Francisco at Camp Smith Range
Control (914-788-7359),
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