After introducing Copper to the world we thought it would be good if everyone in the troupe had a creature they could walk around with. Tabatha has Gryph, I have Copper and now Sam has Zuzu. Zuzu was the name of one of our all time favorite Cats. We named the little fluff ball Zuzu after the character in "it's a wonderful life." Only later did we discover She was a He. The name stuck along with the though about whether being a girl or boy really mattered. When we started to leak photos of "Zuzu" that was the first question. An answer to which we usually get very clearly. The more we concentrated on it the worse it got. Zuzu defied being labelled as a boy or a girl. The tension that this created was answered very clearly by our daughter when she asked what she thought. "It is impolite to ask a dragon whether it is a boy or a girl!" There is a valuable idea here that should be shared.
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