New Curiosity is in Town

There was something very weird in that event. Dancers of the Nuna tribe were brought from their village in Burkina Faso for the first time to Europe, to Brave Festival in Wroclaw. They were to perform in a show but to promote the festival, a parade of masks was organized in Old Town market. The dancers were quickly surrounded by curious crowd. Even before they started, waiting for their friends to join, they already were subjected to constant clicking of cameras that were literally everywhere. From kids with mobile phones, young SLR fans, old grannies , pro journalists, everyone was fighting for space to get closer, to shoot this freak show - or something that seemed to be sort of slave market, especially when families on holiday kept pointing their fingers and showing their children, look, this is real African.


Then, hours later, in the night, Burkinabe dancers were partying like crazy in jeans and T-shirts, with blonde Polish locals, in Kamfora club. Nothing is simple as it seems.

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Taken on July 9, 2010