Artist team, Pedro Villalta and Montserrat Daubón created Giant Pod for the median just north of 124th Street on Lenox Avenue. The seed pod is a simple and elegant organic shape representing new growth and reflects the artistic revitalization of this Harlem neighborhood. Villalta and Daubón, who met at the Art Students League of New York, both live and work in Harlem. The artists view public art as a bridge – a tangible mode of community outreach that encourages reaction and interaction.

The large, hollow metal sculpture measures 10 feet high and is 3 feet at its widest diameter. It has been given a rough surface texture and is highlighted with bronze. The project is presented in partnership with the Mount Morris Park Community Association.

NYCDOT Urban Art Program, Artervention
Pod by Pedro Villalta and Montserrat Daubón
Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association
Lenox Avenue (Malcom X Boulevard) at 124th Street, Manhattan
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