Tillary Street Barrier Art
Transforming Your Transit to Tranquility

A mural designed by Chris Beck and Tanya Albrightsen-Frable was painted onto the Tillary Street barriers in the spring of 2011. The process of creating the new mural began in the fall of 2010 as part of Groundswell’s Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship (TEMA) program, which trains young people as apprentice artists.

Chris Beck and Tanya Albrightsen-Frable’s mural depicts a precisely painted sheet of paper transforming from a paper airplane into box, into a flower, and then into a boat. It is designed to be read from either direction of oncoming traffic, like a palindrome. It introduces a dynamic energy to the streetscape, enhancing the experience of drivers, bikers, and pedestrians passing the barrier and strikes a particularly local note by exhibiting significant pieces of Brooklyn architecture throughout the path of the single sheet of paper.

NYCDOT Urban Art Program, Barrier Beautification
Tillary Street Barrier Art by Chris Beck and Tanya Albrightsen-Frable
Presented with Groundswell Community Mural Project
Tillary Street north of Adams Street, Brooklyn
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